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Markers have simple and intuitive names. See cookbook reference for detailed list.

Main markers :

Place a paragraph anywhere in the page with @P(...)
You can define its position and its width.
Its perimeter can be bordered by line.

Place a table anywhere in the page with @T(...)
You can define positions of columns, draw horizontal or vertical borders, align cell text to right, add marges inside cells.

Define a font with @F(...)
You can define family font, size , weight (Normal, Bold, Italic), color , reserve this font to a column of a table.

Force a new page with @NP
Force automatic page change by defining top and bottom limits with YUP , YBOT)

Surround a part of text to display it on all pages with @BST , @EST
So you can place headers and footers at any position in your pages.

Place an image bitmap anywhere in the page with @IMG(...,image)

Draw horizontal or vertical lines of any thickness with @LH(...) , @LV(...)

Parameters file

It is an external file where you can define some global parameters and also predefine markers :

examples of parameters :
PAGEHEIGHT=y Page height.
YBOT=ybottom limit to force a new page
YUP=yTop position after new page is forced
n = 1 : west european languages
n = 2 : east european languages

Define markers paragraph, table or font with all their arguments, and inside your text, call these markers without arguments
This is usefull when using a marker many times : you can be modify it once for all the text.