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get free demo
 release 1.1
download   A simple and fast way from UNIX to PDF
    current release 1.1


When you buy ixipage, you get a package containing :
An executable program : ixipage and a directory doc.

Content of doc :
- The ixipage cookbook : ixipage.doc
- Sample files for testing : text files , images files and scripts.
These samples show you creations of PDF files from texts, look inside the text files to see many uses of markers.
Note that you should have the unix command ps2pdf installed in your system to convert Postscript result file into PDF(*).

Download demo

Demo version of ixipage runs as the real one, except original file text (except markers) is scrambled.

Get the free demo :

For linux / Unix :  ixipageDemo.tar   download

Extract files :    tar -xf ixipageDemo.tar
Executable program is named "ixipageDemo".
Then you can run sample : ex1


(*) the tool ps2pdf comes with the free package ghostcript.Try which ps2pdf to check if it is installed and accessible. If not present, ask your system administrator for installing it.