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 release 1.1
download   A simple and fast way from UNIX to PDF
    current release 1.1


IXIPAGE is an executable program running on UNIX which creates pages in POSTSCRIPT or PDF.

It takes a flat file in argument, enriched with simple and intuitive markers like paragraphs, fonts, tables ...

The result is a Postscript file, directly printable, or convert it into PDF with regular unix command "ps2pdf".

It is mostly dedicated to create quickly and easily PDF pages, like emails ready to be send.

Unix requirement:
Ixipage has its own parsing engine and needs no JAVA environnement, no Postscript or troff library.

How it works

1. Edit your text and enrich it with ixipage markers:
  define positions of paragraphs, tables, fonts, sticky headers and footers, images ...

2. Optional: edit a parameters file for global paramters and predefined markers.

3. Run the program ixipage with the 2 arguments : text file and parameters file.

The result is a compact file in Postscript langage named (examples).

For a comfortable use, ixipage provide an option which displays a grid under your page to help you repositionning your elements.


IXIPAGE is not a kind of desktop publishing program. Its purpose is not to build complicated or huge documents. It is most intended to build PDF pages like emails, in a quick and easy way under Unix.
You place elements at exact position in page rather than let program place them with its own logic.