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Many firms like banks or administrations use Unix machines for data processing.
They regularly need to create mailing from these data, and to send them to customers.
Many sending may use a same fixed template, and only data are varying for each sending.
So they could create templates with easy markers, and fill the varying data inside during real-time processing.
And all this, staying under Unix, whithout transfering data from a host to another.
So they can finaly send directly the mails via some Unix command like "sendmail".

ixipage way to do it:
You create manualy templates by putting ixipage markers and variables ready to be replaced.
During real-time processing , variables are replaced by transactions values.
The executable ixipage is then launched to produce a Postscript file, that tou convert in PDF with some Unix command like "ps2pdf".

Comparaison with other converters to PDF

There are some other program which convert texts to PDF on Unix.
They have plenty of features to format the text. But on another hand, the inside commands are not very readable, only a programmer can manage it. And the page layout has limitations.
With ixipage, even a non-programmer can modify a template, making you save money during all your project life.
Oherwise for one-shot or complex document, like designing a tutorial, a book and so on, use preferably other converters.
For quickly creating emails or so on, so that anyone can modify the template, we propose ixipage.
=> Try the ixipage demo to make your own opinion.

I would say that philosophy of converters is mostly to adapt a presentation to an existing large text.
Providing many features, like a word processing editor and needing some expert to modify it.
But ixipage is mostly to decide a synthetic and fixed presentation like in an email, and select texts to fit intside with a great flexibility to modify presentation (Louis Salfati, conceptor).

More technics
Ixipage original engine outputs Postcript format.
So, for common emails, it creates very small sized files.
This may be an advantage for archiving large amount of files.